Press Release
July 1, 2022
CPEA schools placement list released

The list indicating the placement into secondary schools of students who wrote the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) has been released. 

Minister of Education, Curtis King told the Agency for Public Information (API) that each year, there is a challenge with parents wanting their children to attend certain secondary schools, however, there is an “equitable distribution of resources at all schools, so you (students) should not feel disadvantaged attending one school or the other”.

The minister insisted that students are presented with equal opportunities across the board because the government has made “a valiant effort” to ensure that resources are available at all secondary schools “and that is an equitable distribution”, therefore, parents should not have reservations about sending their child to any secondary institution in the country.The minister added that while he is pleased with the results of the CPEA it is still important that parents, teachers and education officials “combine to lift our performances…we cannot be satisfied with meeting the minimum standards”.

More than 1700 Grade six students wrote the exams in May and the results indicate that around 83.87 per cent met the prescribed standard. The Ministry of Education said this was a slight decrease on last year’s performance when 84.6 per cent met the minimum prescribed standard.

Students who placed in the first 500 spots have been assigned to institutions of their choice based on their positions overall. All students have had the opportunity to indicate their top 8 institutions by rank.

Students who did not place in the first 500 overall are likely to be assigned to schools close to where they live.