Press Release
June 24, 2022
700 families in Green Zone to get COVID relief

Families in the volcano green zone and also in the Grenadines will also benefit from relief measures offered by the Government.

Speaking on NBC Radio’s Face to Face programme on Wednesday, June 22 prime minister, Dr Ralph Gonsalves said the relief is for the COVID-19 pandemic.
So far 700 families have been targeted and the process has already begun to identify those who will receive support. Gonsalves said the assistance will come from a loan which Minister of Finance, Camillo Gonsalves had negotiated with the Caribbean Development Bank.

“These are for persons in the green zone and the Grenadines, but these are related to the issue of COVID,” Dr Gonsalves explained.

He said that the same approach used to assist persons in the red,orange and yellow zones will be used with residents in the green zone and in the Grenadines.

And he commended teams from the Social Development and economic Planning units who have worked very well to execute the relief measures.