David ‘Darkie Williams
Press Release
June 14, 2022
Local theatre production aims to paint a portrait of Vincentian women

The producers of an upcoming stage play Wake: Black Girls’ Insurrection, is urging citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) to wake up. Nisha Hope of HOPE Creative Events and Consultancy said in a release that she is pleased to help bring to life the production, written by Zenna Lewis, David ‘Darkie Williams and Jaykel Mars. She believes this play and its message is not only timely, but needed.

The production will be on stage at the Russell Auditorium on July 9, 2022,from 7:00 p.m.

Directed by Jaykel Mars, Wake: Black Girls’ Insurrection is a devise theatrical production which endeavours to explore and mount the realities of Vincentian women (in the irony of what is “post-colonial” St. Vincent). It is highly visual theatre combining movement, storytelling, and choreography to stimulate social and political awareness of the status, treatment, and pleas of Vincentian women, by Vincentian women, for Vincentian women, the release stated.

This vanguard performance embraces the collaboration of a vibrant mix of young and veteran Vincentian creative practitioners as well as the talented and creative Musical Director, Otto Essien from Nigeria. The producers are said to be pleased to create a space for experienced, new, and emerging Vincentian talents to produce visceral and ambitious theatre crafted to inspire, move, and entertain- Vincentian theatre fit for a world stage.

The partners of this production are PRAVDA Solutions Inc, Small Acts of Kindness Project and The Believers Club, but other partners are welcomed. Out of respect for the actors and audiences, the production has been rated PG13, meaning that children under five years old will not be allowed to view it.