Press Release
May 27, 2022
CDC sets the ball rolling for 2022

THE CARNIVAL Development Corporation (CDC), has set the ball rolling for the 2022 ragga Soca and Soca competitions with the announcement that registration forms are now available.

In a public service announcement the CDC said that registration forms for the 2022 Semi-Finals (Royal Rumble) are now available at the CDC’s office at Victoria Park and the closing date for registration has been set for Tuesday, June 14.

The selection of the semifinalists would be done on Wednesday, June 15 at the Victoria Park at 6:00 p.m and the semis will take place on Sunday, June 26.

The CDC has advised that all registration forms must include an online download link for the song that would be entered into the competition or emailed to the CDC’s email address which is: [email protected]