Ministry of Agriculture to launch national marketing consultation
SABOTO CAESAR, the Minister of Agriculture
Press Release
April 3, 2022
Ministry of Agriculture to launch national marketing consultation
The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation and Labour will launch a national marketing consultation on April 25, 2022.
The consultation will engage farmers, farm workers, fishers, agriculture co-operatives, exporters of fresh produce, agro-processors and agriculture students and their teachers.
Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar noted in a release that, “the Covid 19 pandemic has impacted negatively on the ability of traffickers to negotiate prices in our major export markets, regionally. Further, the impact of the Russia/Ukraine conflict has caused significant increases in the cost of production in recent weeks. This is all happening as we work vigorously to rebuild in the aftermath of recent volcanic eruptions.”
The minister said a sub-committee of Cabinet has been mandated to work with the technicians in various Ministries to establish a national marketing platform which will respond to the rapidly changing marketing conditions.
“I am confident that we will build on lessons learnt over the years from the National Marketing Board Corporation,WIBDECO, WINFRESH, Fairtrade SVG, our traffickers and the most recent Love and Care Boxes initiative. We will be establishing a marketing platform that is responsive to the needs of the small farmer and can be used as a model for small island developing states.”
He stated that the Chief Agriculture Officer is currently engaging technicians to craft a  framework for the introduction of a commodity production plan which is expected to produce for market demands.
“We have on our doorsteps many emerging markets. The growth in the hotel industry will create a demand for a larger basket of fresh commodities for local consumption by citizens and visitors to our shores. I thank all stakeholders for your hard work, dedication and continued support,” the minister said.
The consultation is expected to last six weeks and will build upon information already compiled by the Ministry of Agriculture.