Michelle Palmer-Keizer
Press Release
February 8, 2022
Republic Bank launches ‘The Art of Banking’ competition for Caribbean artists

Republic Bank Limited (RBL) yesterday launched a campaign, “The Art of Banking”, as part of its innovative market engagement to build both awareness and relationships. A release from the bank says the campaign, which is targeting artists in the Caribbean over the age of 18 years asking that they give their best interpretation of several of the banks’ products and services. Artists from all over the region will be asked to produce pieces inspired by the following themes: “Credit cards: A new world of opportunity”, “TISP: The future: protected” “RightStart: From young”, “RS Teen: Out in the world”, “Mortgages: Finally, home!” and “Online/Digital banking: Freedom through tech.”

One regional winner in each category will receive a prize of US$2,000 and in addition, there will be a regional People’s Choice award of US$1,000.

The prize money is not the biggest reward as the campaign opens up an exciting opportunity for many artists in the region to have their work displayed regionally and on an international platform. Winners will see their artwork on Republic Bank’s brand assets including its digital channels and out of home branding. Artists’ profiles will also be done to introduce them and their unique artistic perspective to the world and this exposure can open doors to other opportunities, the release further states.

Managing Director, Michelle Palmer-Keizer said , “The Art of Banking speaks to the Bank’s commitment to local ingenuity and creativity; being the canvas that brings ideas to life”. She expressed her enthusiasm for the innovative way of bringing Republic Bank’s services, products and value propositions to the fore by letting them inspire art.

“We get to have more conversations now about how these products and services have a real human impact on people’s lives and what their core benefits are.”

“The Art of Banking” is not the first time Republic Bank Limited has actively engaged with arts and culture. The multi-regional bank has been at the forefront of supporting the arts, from their sponsorship of steel orchestras to major festivals and filmmakers. As explained by the Managing Director, “The creatives in our region need some light and hope. They have had a challenging time in the absence of festivals and events that gave them meaningful enterprise and most of all fulfilled their calling. We hope this promotion lights a spark for many and we look forward to seeing the creations from all over the Caribbean”.