Press Release
November 19, 2021
Venezuela to hold local elections Sunday

THE VOTERS of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela are expected to exercise their democratic right to vote for more than 3000 representatives at the local government level this Sunday, November 21.

On that day elections will be held throughout Venezuela for regional and municipal elections with 23 Governors and 355 mayors, along with local councillors to be elected.

There is much optimism in the country for unlike recent elections held in Venezuela which were boycotted by opposition parties, most of them are participating this time. This followed fruitful discussions between the Government and Opposition held in Mexico which resulted in agreement on a number of issues pertaining to the conduct of elections.

As a result more than 70,000 candidates representing 111 parties will be up for election.

Observers are expected from CARICOM, the African Union, the European Union, the respected Carter Centre of the USA and the Confederation of Latin American Election Experts among others.