Rotary Club St Vincent South receives donation from CARI-ON SVG
KURT DOUGAN (right), Rotary South’s Director of Public Image receives cheque from Samantha Bailey of Cari-on SVG
Press Release
October 29, 2021
Rotary Club St Vincent South receives donation from CARI-ON SVG

The Rotary Club St. Vincent South on Tuesday, October 26, received a donation of EC$10,000 (5,036.00 CAD) from Canadian non-profit group CARI-ON SVG as part their contributions through the club to assist families who were adversely affected by the eruptions of La Soufriere Volcano, the club said in a release.

The organisation’s representative, Samantha Bailey, said that the donation comes as part of their relief and recovery efforts, in addition to fifteen 40-foot containers of humanitarian supplies shipped thus far since the eruption.

Bailey also said “several important recovery initiatives are currently being undertaken and they have collaborated with several organizations in St. Vincent to assist in executing some of these initiatives. One of the initiatives is to assist vulnerable families with monthly stipends for a few months, this will be administered by the Rotary Club St. Vincent South.”

President of the Rotary Club St. Vincent South, Bantu Campbell, on behalf of the club expressed gratitude to the non-profit organization for partnering with them on this initiative and is looking forward to a continued collaboration.

CARI-ON SVG Disaster Preparedness is a non-profit organization registered in Canada as a Federal Corporation, managed by Vincentians and chaired by Hayden Jones, a Vincentian living in Canada. It was formed with a view of bringing together the SVG diaspora and providing aid to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, with the goal of mitigating impacts and challenges faced when disasters strike.

CARI-ON stands for Conducting Active Relief Impacting Our Nation.