OECS to launch application to explore oceans virtually
Press Release
September 14, 2021
OECS to launch application to explore oceans virtually

STUDENTS, DECISION makers, and citizens of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), will soon be able to explore our oceans virtually, a release from the sub-regional organisation states.

As part of the Knowledge Services sub-component of the Caribbean Regional Oceanscape Project (CROP), Virtual Reality (VR) educational content on ocean matters is being prepared for key target audiences across the OECS.

The 360-degree applications provide virtual reality experiences that capture the beauties and wonders of life below water, as well as the issues that threaten and impact our oceans. Each VR application is less than five minutes in duration, and presents an immersive experience of the ocean environment and highlights issues that affect this environment, such as pollution.

The applications target various audiences, including children, decision makers and the public in general. The children’s version focuses on enjoyment, connection, and plastic pollution education. The VR application for decision makers focuses

on the impacts of policy decisions on marine life and targets tourism, fisheries, and other blue economy sectors. The version for the general audience informs on the importance of coral reef ecosystems and land-sea connections.

These VR applications which are at an advanced stage of production, are expected to be launched at the Blue Economy Roundtable scheduled for September 21, 2021. (https://oecssdm.com/ blue-economy) It is hoped that the VR applications, which are highly interactive and immersive, will generate renewed interest in our marine environment, and the need to use this vast resource sustainably, to continue to support livelihoods and contribute to economies, for the benefit of both current and future generations.