Five new Covid19 cases reported over the weekend
Press Release
August 31, 2021
Five new Covid19 cases reported over the weekend


August 30, 2021


Five new COVID-19 cases were reported during the period August 27 to the 29th. Two (2) of these  cases were reported from two hundred and ninety-two (292) samples processed on Friday August  27th, 2021, resulting in a positivity rate of 0.7%. One (1) new case was reported from two hundred  and eighty-six (286) samples processed on Saturday August 28th, 2021, resulting in a positivity  rate of 0.4%. Two (2) new cases were reported from twenty-six (26) samples processed on Sunday  August 29th, 2021, resulting in a positivity rate of 7.7%. 

No new recoveries were noted over the reporting period. Twenty-three (23) cases are currently  active and twelve (12) persons with COVID-19 have died. Two thousand three hundred and thirty six (2336) cases of COVID-19 and two thousand, three hundred and one (2301) recoveries have  been recorded in St. Vincent and The Grenadines since March 2020. 

In view of the increased risk of infection and subsequent transmission of COVID-19 posed by the  growing incidence of variants of concern in persons entering St. Vincent and the Grenadines, strict  compliance with all protocols and recommendations is strongly recommended. These include the  effective use of masks, physical distancing, hand sanitizing and immunization with available  vaccines.