Press Release
August 10, 2021
Vincentian creatives launch Yurumein Strong

SEVERAL ARTISTS have joined forces for the Yurumein Strong – The Tallawah Collective project, an initiative born of and inspired by the spirit of resilience and community demonstrated over the past four months by Vincentians at home and throughout the Diaspora. The project was conceptualised by Vincentian artists Karen De Freitas-Fraser and Storm Halbich.

A release states that Yurumein Strong – The Tallawah Collective is a collaborative effort among Vincentian and Vincy-adjacent creatives to raise money for La Soufrière volcano relief efforts at the grassroots level. Contributors include artists/designers Karen De Freitas-Fraser, Odini Sutherland, Olivia Stephens, Storm Halbich and Zen Punnett; photographers Jalani Morgan, Kamillo Edwards, Nadia Huggins and Zaina Mahmoud; models Geniene Browne, Natasha Frankov, Shadyn McLean and Simone Allen; and videographer Sebastian Cyrus.

“Art’s ability to heal, inspire and make real impacts in the lives and communities around us is an under-utilised tool around the Caribbean,” said Storm Halbich.

In response to the immediate need, regular Vincentians have continued to pool their collective resources to assist persons who have been severely affected

and displaced by the eruptions. Counted among these exemplary Vincentians are local artists Karen and Storm, both of whom are volunteers with the Just Us League. Since April 9, 2021. The volunteers of the Just Us League, one of several grassroots groups to emerge from the ashfall, have been actively fund-raising to support affected families and communities.

Through the virtual storefront, Yurumein Strong, persons can buy T-shirts and prints featuring artwork created by The Tallawah Collective artists. This is a store with a cause, as 100% of the profits will be donated to local grassroots organisations working on the ground in St. Vincent to assist families and rebuild communities affected by the April 2021 La Soufrière volcano eruptions.

Yurumein Strong – The Tallawah Collective launches on August 10, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. AST.