Press Release
June 29, 2021
Unvaccinated SGU workers firmly barred from entering the compound

Written by The Grenada Informer

President General of the Grenada Technical & Allied Workers Union- Andre Lewis, is maintaining a close watch on the situation at St. George’s university where unvaccinated workers have been barred from the compound. In an interview with The Grenada Informer, Lewis said unvaccinated SGU workers continue to be barred from entering the compound of the university to perform their duties He said the union, together with the shop stewards, met with the school on Thursday, where various concerns were raised and brought forward certain proposals, which the school has undertaken to consider and promised to get back to them.

Andre indicated that the union is of the view that vaccination ought not to be a condition of unemployment for people who have already been employed with companies.

He continued, the fact that the union requested an urgent meeting and the school accommodated such a meeting on Thursday, indicates that both parties recognize that discussion is important. He said

what is important is the continuity of dialogue between both parties.

Meanwhile, attorney- at-Law Jerry Edwin who also commented on the latest development said that SGU has placed its self in a deplorable situation, adding that Grenada has provided a hospitable environment for its students, it’s been a world-class offshore medical school for almost forty years and he feels that it is quite shocking that they believe themselves to be on some other island.

In May SGU had issued a statement that effective June 15 workers who are not vaccinated would be refused entry to the university, and on Tuesday a small group of workers accompanied by the TAWU president, staged a protest outside of the True-Blue Campus against the university’s decision.