Press Release
June 25, 2021
Thousands of displaced families receive assistance through the Ministry of National Mobilization

More than 20-thousand food packages have been distributed so far to families in private shelters who have been displaced as a result of the explosive eruptions of La Soufriere volcano.

In a report to a meeting of the National Emergency Council on Monday June 2i, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of National Mobilization, Catherine Defrietas, said that so far Twenty thousand, five hundred and thirty (20,530) food packages have been distributed to these displaced families.

According to a release from the Agency for Public Information, two thousand, two hundred and seventy-four (2,274) persons are also receiving cash transfers from the World Food Programme (WFP), with just under 1800 having actually collected so far.

The food assistance, which involves the distribution of 2-thousand packages per week, as well as cash transfers, will continue over the next few months.

The Ministry is also delivering food daily to persons in volcano the red and orange hazard zones.