CLOTHES PACKED and ready to be distributed
Press Release
June 22, 2021
Richmond Vale Academy distributes clothing

THE RICHMOND Vale Academy (RVA) is, this week, continuing with the distribution of 217 bales of quality, used clothing procured on behalf of people affected by the explosive eruption of La Soufriere.

The RVA said in a release that the 217 bales comprise 30,000 pieces of clothes and shoes, which arrived on June 10 at the National Emergency Management Organisation’s (NEMO) distribution centre at Campden Park.

The clothing was donated by Planet Aid, Garson & Shaw, and Nic America.

NEMO has been handling the distribution on the windward side of St. Vincent, while the RVA is focused on the leeward side.

Yesterday Monday, the team travelled to Chateaubelair to distribute 20 bales of clothing to more than 500 people; and today, June 22, the distribution moves to Troumaca, where 15 bales will be shared among 250 people. The distribution will be done at the school in collaboration with teachers, the RVA release stated.

On Wednesday, 20 bales will be distributed at the community centre in Rose Hall, with the assistance of local volunteers; and on Thursday, 20 bales will be distributed among 500 people in Petit Borbel, where community leaders and local volunteers will assist in this effort.

The RVA said it has reserved 50 bales of clothing for distribution in Sandy Bay, but the date of the distribution has not been decided as the all-clear is yet to be given for that Red Zone community.

The 217 bales of clothing include 128 bales of medium and large mixed clothing for adults; 12 bales of clothing for children from birth to 7 years old, and a further 12 bales of rummage clothing for children.

There are also 31 bales of shoes.

Two bales of clothing had so far been distributed at the Rose Bank Community Centre and a further four bales at the Peter’s Hope shelter.

Four and a half bales were distributed at the Barrouallie shelter on June 16, and one and a half bales in Buccament Bay on the same day.

The RVA said it is keeping a database to record the number of evacuees in the various locations, by gender and age group, so as to inform the types and quantity of clothing sent to each distribution site.

RVA Director, Stina Herberg said that the clothing is of good quality and that the teams would endeavour to ensure they reach those most in need of them.

“The clothes are needed and the quality is good. The island received many donation of clothing from different places sine the eruption of La Soufriere. However…there is a significant need for casual clothes and shoes.

“Our goal is to deliver the clothes as soon as possible and secure the fair distribution in the different communities,” Herberg said.

She expressed appreciation for the contribution of NEMO and community leaders to the efforts.

The clothing distribution is the latest in the RVA’s contribution since the eruption of La Soufriere.

In the immediate aftermath of the eruption, RVA was able to save hundreds of livestock and pets from starvation through the distribution of hundreds of sacks animal feed in the Orange and Red Zone communities of North Leeward.