TRUCK BEING packed with cases of water donated by the French Red Cross
Press Release
April 16, 2021
French Red Cross on humanitarian mission to SVG

AROUND 9AM, Wednesday 14th a French naval ship berthed at the Kingstown cruise facility. On the dock, eagerly awaiting its arrival was a delegation from the SVG Red Cross. It’s mission, to receive a quantity of supplies, a gift from the French Red Cross.

A release said the gift consisted of 40,000 thousand bottles of water, along with 25 cubic meters of bulk storage, desalinated water. Other items included cleaning kits, masks, sanitizer wipes, and gloves- all part of the French Red Cross support to the local National Society relief response to the volcanic eruption.

The red cross working in collaboration with the CWSA, who identified the communities most in needer of water, began distribution of the water as soon as it was received. Following arrival, and with the use of 12 trucks, 40,000 bottles of water were distributed in more than 15 communities, in the green zone. The CWSA received the bulk storage water.

Since the evacuation order was given, the Red Cross activated its Emergency Operation Centre, headed by President Bernard Morgan. The relief efforts are carried out by a cadre of dedicated volunteers.