Press Release
January 10, 2021
Advisory on the scheduling of Covid-19 PCR Exit Tests

The Health Services Sub-committee in collaboration with the Molecular Lab Unit  of the Laboratory Services of the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the  Environment on January 9 advised the public of the following relative to the scheduling  of COVID-19 PCR exit tests: 

  1. The COVID-19 Task Force will not schedule appointments for sample taking  (swab taking) for COVID-19 PCR exit tests if the result is required less than 72  hours after the date of the appointment. 
  2. The Stewards Office of the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital will not collect fees  for COVID-19 PCR exit test results required less than 72 hours from the date of  the appointment.  
  3. Results for COVID-19 PCR exit tests can only be collected at the Milton Cato  Memorial Hospital Lab. 

5. Requests for scheduling of COVID-19 PCR exit testing must be made via email  to [email protected] at least five (5) days before the required  test.