CXC asks for patience as it completes review process
Press Release
December 8, 2020
CXC asks for patience as it completes review process

Students, teachers and parents in the region are being asked to remain patient as the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) moves to complete its review process for the CXC and CAPE July/August Examinations shortly.

This is according to a release dated December 7, which served to provide an update on the ongoing process.

It said the Council was working assiduously to complete the Queries and Requests for reviews in order to finalise grades for the July/August examinations.

In addition to the Request for Reviews, which have been submitted, CXC, in accordance with the Independent Review Team report has been reviewing borderline cases, in particular single grade changes, as well as the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

The release said this approach will help to expedite the process of reviews and that the Council is “committed to a thorough and speedy completion of the review process as we understand the wait has been long for many”.

“We understand the psychosocial impact of the extended COVID-19 related circumstances and have heard the concerns of Ministry officials, teachers, parents and students,” it said. “These concerns are being addressed with further consideration of the hardships that students and their parents may have been experiencing.”

CXC said it will provide a further update on the issue next week via a media briefing.