Hero launches Pantastic Music Academy
A young cohort of students being taught the art of playing steel pan music
Press Release
October 16, 2020

Hero launches Pantastic Music Academy

Hero’s Pantastic Music Academy is the brain child of Kingsley “Hero” Roberts pan arranger and musical director.
Hero, who has been teaching pan for many years decided to take his teaching skills to a whole new level by teaching students during their Early Childhood (ages 2-8 years). Studies show that children retain more at that stage in their life. Additionally, once their foundation is solid during those years the children are most likely to excel.

Kingsley “Hero”
Roberts pan arranger and musical director.

Currently, the music academy can be found in approximately 11 Early Childhood Centres and school. These are:

Kingstown Methodist Pre-School, Elizabeth Browne Child Development Center, Aunty Michelle Child Development Center, Safe Hands Pre-School and Daycare, Rainbow Unique Daycare & Pre-School, Mulberry Bush Daycare, YWCA, Discovery Preschool, Headstart Preschool, Sugar Mill Inn Academy and St Mary’s Roman Catholic School. These classes are held at the respective schools and forms part of their curriculum.

The academy improves students’ capacity to work in a team; increases their self-esteem; helps with improving their thinking; develops the parts of the brain associated with language and reasoning. Students are also effective in problem solving both academically and socially; playing the instrument is a full body workout for the brain.

The Music Academy will be a school of music teaching both theory and practical sessions.

Hero stated thus far, the response to the initiative is resounding as parents and teachers alike see the need for children to learn such an important skill at that age.

The pans used for these students are much smaller custom-made pans which will assist in their reach and the notes being clearly defined.

The Academy is extending its skills to all schools across St Vincent and the Grenadines as well as other persons who are interested, between the ages of 3 years – 103 years. One-on-one sessions are also available by contacting Hero at 455-2006.