Unicomer  announces new credit recovery  programme
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October 9, 2020

Unicomer announces new credit recovery programme

Unicomer (St. Vincent) Ltd on Tuesday announced a landmark credit recovery program called Credi-Care.

Credi-care is a comprehensive credit relief system designed to assist customers who have been impacted by COVID-19 directly or indirectly as a result of salary reduction, reduced hours, reduced household income, layoff or redundancy.

“We empathize with our customers and thought long and hard about how to design a program that would truly benefit them. In response, we came up with a program that we felt was truly significant and underscores for our customers, that we do indeed care about their plight during these hard times,” explained Senior Manager, Michele Samuel.

The Credi-Care program is a comprehensive scheme that provides customers with a series of options that includes restructuring accounts to reduce monthly instalments, extended payment terms and reduced rates. It even allows customers to continue to shop for the upcoming holiday season with cash made available on their accounts through refinancing assistance.

Additionally, some of the extended features of the Credi-Care program include waivers or forgiveness of installments, waivers of penalty interest and freezing of accounts for persons who have been temporarily laid-off.

When asked about the added benefits of the program, Samuel noted, “COVID-19 impacted everyone, no family was immune to the stress or uncertainty brought on by this pandemic. Motivated by this, we were deliberate in our attempt to design solutions for everyone. After all, it is only if we work together, that we will get through this.”

The Credi-Care program is available to all Courts customers, persons interested in applying may call 456 1325 to speak with any employee of Courts, or visit any Courts location.