Guests at ‘Transition Hotels’ pose no threat to other patrons – SVGHTA
Press Release
July 31, 2020

Guests at ‘Transition Hotels’ pose no threat to other patrons – SVGHTA

RECENT ARRIVALS TO St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) who are guests at certain hotels as a condition of their fiveday period of mandatory quarantine do not pose a threat to other patrons of the hotels.

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Hotel and Tourism Association (SVGHTA) said in a release that while the local tourism sector continues to struggle with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, the SVGHTA recognized its Corporate Social Responsibility and many of its members responded positively to a request for assistance from the authorities to function as a “transition hotel” by accepting persons arriving on certain flights.

“None of the persons checking in have tested positive for the Virus. Persons who have tested positive are housed at an official isolation facility. Protocol dictates that even though these guests have not tested positive for the virus, they are placed in transition hotels, and are not allowed in public areas or to leave their rooms until a specified date,” said the release, dated July 29.

The Association thanked the public for their support during “these difficult times” and assured that “these hotel guests in no way pose a threat to other patrons”.

“We see our actions as helping to control the potential spread of COVID-19, as returning nationals and visitors are fully supervised at the properties and are unable to interact with family members or go into public areas, while helping to keep our staff employed.”

SVGHTA approved accommodations for quarantine are Beachcombers Hotel, Villa; Bella Vista Apartments, Bequia; Bequia Plantation; Blue Lagoon Hotel & Marina; Buttercup Cottage Apartments; Calliandras Apartment Complex; Canouan Estate & Villas; Firefly, Bequia; Gingerbread Hotel, Bequia; Hotel Alexandrina; Keegan’s Beachside Hotel Apartments; Mandarin Oriental, Canouan; Mariners Hotel, Villa; Paradise Beach Hotel, Villa; Sandy Lane Yacht Club and Residences, Canouan; Spring Garden Resort, Spring; Sunset Shores Hotel, Villa; Sweet Retreat, Bequia; Young Island Resort.