SVG added to UK’s Department of Transport ‘travel corridor’ list
Press Release
July 28, 2020

SVG added to UK’s Department of Transport ‘travel corridor’ list

Passengers coming from St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) will not need to self-isolate when arriving in England anytime after today, July 28.

According to an update on the United Kingdom government website on July 24, SVG was among five countries added to the Department of Transport ‘travel corridor’ or list of countries where passengers travelling to the UK did not have to complete a 14-day isolation period.

This update comes at least two weeks after this country was excluded from the initial travel corridor list; a decision which surprised many.

It said that the decision to add SVG and the other countries to the list came after reviewing the latest risk assessments.

“The changes, which will take effect in England from Tuesday 28 July 2020, come as the government urges passengers to continue to protect themselves when considering travelling abroad by making sure they are up to date on the latest information – both at home and at their destination,” the July 24 update said.

The other countries now included on the UK’s travel corridor list are Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The UK’s government website said that updates will be made with any changes on a weekly basis (should any be required), “to reflect the shifting international health picture”.

“We are prepared to respond rapidly if the health situation of a country deteriorates. The border health measures remain subject to review every 28 days in England,” the update on travel corridors said.