Press Release
June 16, 2020
Rainbow Radio League not associated with LBGT – Donald DeRiggs

A local amateur radio club has changed its name from the ‘Rainbow Radio League’ so as not to be associated with the LBGT lifestyle.

Donald DeRiggs, director of the group said in a release that on the occasion of the organization’s 25th anniversary, a decision was taken to change the name from the ‘Rainbow Radio League’ to the ‘Youlou Radio Movement’ (YRM).

He said the group adopted one of the indigenous names of St Vincent, ‘Youlou’, which actually means ‘rainbow’, into the name of the organization, hence the Youlou Radio Movement.

DeRiggs explained that “…in recent years the word rainbow has been associated with the LBGT community, and while we are not homophobic, we prefer not to be associated with that lifestyle, hence the change to Youlou Radio Movement.”