Trinity Medical Science  University donates personal items to Home for Girls
Trinity Medical Science University
Press Release
April 9, 2020

Trinity Medical Science University donates personal items to Home for Girls

The Trinity Medical Science University has donated a quantity of personal items to the Lady of Guadalupe Home for Girls in Mesopotamia.

The contribution was received by Dannette Dowers, House Mother of the institution.

This donation came as a result of the devastation suffered when the home was completely gutted by fire on the evening of Monday, March 30.

Following this, the Board of Directors of the Guadalupe Home issued a call to the general public for donations of supplies that would begin to restore some form of normalcy to the lives of the devastated young ladies.

Trinity’s Provost and Dean, Francis Purcell PhD., immediately began enquiries to ascertain what was required in the short term, with further information as to the rebuilding process pending.  Dr Frances Jack, Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs followed through by collecting items donated by students on campus here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Trinity Medical Science University maintains a relationship with the institution which was established through organized interactions with its student members of the Trinity Chapter of the Christian Medical Students Association who worked with the young ladies through scheduled visits in which they interacted as they were taught skills like drawing, painting, tie-dying and baking.

Speaking on behalf of Dean Purcell, Dr. Jack noted that, “On behalf of Trinity Medical Science University, it is actually a pleasure to donate these items to the Girls’ Home.  From the moment we were informed that they were in this situation our hearts just went out to them because this is a home that our students have been visiting regularly. They’ve gone by and had play dates with them and there was no question that we would be donating and reaching out to help this group of girls and their caretakers.  Our hearts are with them and we hope that, in the future, we can do more in terms of aiding with the rebuilding process.”

Handing over the items on behalf of Trinity were Administrative Assistants Nasha Neverson-Pitt and Nyasha Lewis.

House mother Dowers thanked the University and said it would take some time for the girls to adjust.

“They are trying,” she said, “they are trying to make merry. Once they are happy, I am grateful.”

She reported that counsellors are still holding sessions with her charges and that she now looks forward to the restoration to normalcy for them.

Trinity Medical Science University pledges to be right there as the process continues.