Barbados  going under  24-hour curfew
Santia Bradshaw, acting Prime Minister of Barbados
Press Release
April 3, 2020

Barbados going under 24-hour curfew

A 24-hour curfew will come into effect for Barbados today, Friday as Government continues to fight against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The decision to increase restrictions on Barbadians less than 24 hours after Government had imposed new hours of business and restricted movement was delivered moments ago by acting Prime Minister, Santia Bradshaw.

All restaurants will be closed until midnight April 14, but bakeries and bread depots will remain open.

Bradshaw also revealed that another case of COVID-19 had been recorded, after 33 more tests were conducted overnight. Barbados’ count now stands at 46 positive infections.

The fact that Barbadians continued to exhibit panic-buying appeared to have forced the administration’s hand. Bradshaw told the media Cabinet’s sub-committee that deals with COVID-19 had been forced to meet with supermarket and gas station owners, as businesses were struggling to keep things under control.

From 5 p.m. today, persons will now only be allowed on the street for legitimate business, inclusive of the purchase of food from village shops, or medication from pharmacies, Bradshaw confirmed.

“A number of our essential service providers will need access to these facilities, as well as persons who will want to legitimately visit pharmacies and other exempt services. I want to remind the village shop owners that during this period no more than three people are allowed to congregate, and I ask they simply dispatch goods to customers and allow persons to return to their homes,” Bradshaw advised.

In a press conference from Government Headquarters at Bay Street, St Michael, Attorney General Dale Marshall also made it clear that police would be taking a no-nonsense approach to keeping law and order and would be rounding up any persons found on the street without a legitimate reason to be outside, or who break the curfew. (BA – NationNews)