Coast Guard saves 34 lives in first quarter of 2020
SVG COAST Guard vessel
Press Release
March 31, 2020

Coast Guard saves 34 lives in first quarter of 2020

Thirty-four lives were saved by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard Service (SVG Coast Guard) during the first quarter of 2020.

These lives were saved during 18 successful Search and Rescue (SAR) missions in the territorial waters of SVG, a release from the SVG Coast Guard said.

Of the 34 lives saved, 16 were Vincentians, two British, one Guyanese, two Barbadians, four St Lucians and nine Grenadians.

Among the SAR missions was the rescuing of two British citizens on March 23. The SVG Coast Guard received a distress message from the International Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Center via Trinidad and Tobago Rescue Co-ordination Center. The report was related to a sailing vessel named “NEMO” that was located at latitude 13˚ 00.24’ North and longitude 062˚21.95’ West, approximately 62 nautical miles (NM) West of West Cay, Bequia with a broken rudder.

Coast Guard Vessel Captain Hugh Mulzac (SVG 01) was deployed at 0526 hrs on Monday, March 23 2020 in response to the distress report under the command of Lieutenant Commander, Enos Hamlette and crew. The vessel “NEMO” was located at 65 NM west of Bequia and was taken into tow. Almost 24 hours later at 0441hrs on Tuesday, March 24, the distress vessel was secured in the Villa area. This SAR mission amounted to a round journey of over 120 nautical miles.

In addition, during the first quarter of 2020, the SVG Coast Guard Service also conducted 16 medical evacuations (Medivac) from the Grenadines. In the month of January, seven patients were evacuated, six from Bequia and one from Union Island. In February, six patients were transported by the Coast guard; four from Bequia, two from Canouan and two from Union Island. For the month of March three patients have been evacuated to date: two from Bequia and one from Canouan.

The SVG Coast Guard was established in December 2, 1980. Its motto is “Dedicated to saving Lives”. According to Commander, Brenton Cain, the SVG Coast Guard has been living up to its motto in a subtle but effective way over the years.