Black Sands swim squad cleans up children’s home
PICTURED AT RIGHT: Black Sands swimmers, parents and volunteers.
Press Release
March 6, 2020

Black Sands swim squad cleans up children’s home

BLACK SANDS Swim Squad raced against the clock, out of the pool, when the team cleaned up and painted the Salvation Army Children’s’ Home in Pembroke as its inaugural community project.

It was swim mom Shivern Peters who brought the project to the attention of Black Sands Coach Kyle Dougan back in January 2020 and together they formed a planning team consisting of Jake Heimann, Loren Gun-Munro and Akin John.

With an optimistic completion date, the team conducted fundraising events and leaned towards many local businesses for donations.

BSSS organised hosting the children and staff of the Salvation Army Children’s Home at Shrewsbury Aquatic Center on Sunday February 23, allowing 16 BSSS swimmers, along with their parents and other volunteers to successfully carry out the project in just nine hours. All interior rooms were repainted and all light fittings were replaced.

Living Art Landscaping transformed the garden by donating over 40 ornamental plants, also planting lettuce, kale, cabbage, sweet pepper, tomato, basil, rosemary and thyme.

Soursop, plumrose, golden apple, five finger, guava, cocoa and cherry trees were also planted.

The friends and family of BSSS would like to thank Soho House (Canouan), former and current Mustique homeowners and Equinox International for their financial contributions. G.I. Investments for steam cleaning all of the mattresses. Mr Dover for giving his electrical expertise for the day along with Mr Bennett and his professional painting skills. Kaitlin Rhode and Robyn Milloy of St James’ Medical College for contributing their time and Knolly B for his fantastic grilled chicken. Also the many generous donations received.