Batch 20 Nurses celebrate their 30th Anniversary
FROM RIGHT: Julia Haywood (family Nurse Practitioner), Jasmine Samuel (Ward Manager at MCMH), Beverly McNicholls, (Family Nurse practitioner), Rhonda Stapleton (Lecturer at School of Nursing), Sherma Providence (Clinical instructor at School of Nursing). Candice Browne (Staff Nurse, attached at staff Development Area) is excluded from the picture.
Press Release
March 6, 2020

Batch 20 Nurses celebrate their 30th Anniversary

THIRTY YEARS AGO on March 5, 1990, 24 females and one male journeyed to Largo Height to commence the registered Nursing program. It was quite a challenging three years with mixed outcomes, as some left the program for varying reasons.

Those who successfully completed the program were among the first set of students to sit the Regional Nursing Examination (RNE) in October 1993. Those who were successful at the final exams earned a place in the one-year midwifery post RN program without having to apply for same.

On this our 30th anniversary, six of us are still serving in St Vincent and the Grenadines, while eight are serving abroad.

We thank Almighty God for his grace and mercy. He has watched over us and protected us over these years.

Many thanks to our batch coordinator, Sister Gloria Bascombe, all our tutors and staff on the different clinical areas, to which we were rotated. Special thanks to family and friends

for their support. Thanks to patients/clients for their co-operation as we serve.

We pledge to continue serving humanity upholding the international nurses pledge we took at our graduation.

Congratulations Batch 20 registered Nurses on our 30th anniversary. (contributed)