Training for marijuana cultivators begins
Press Release
February 18, 2020

Training for marijuana cultivators begins

More than 100 local traditional marijuana cultivators are today, Tuesday February 18, involved in a one day workshop to learn about best practises in the cultivation of cannabis.

The training is also addressing such matters as record keeping and traceability, and is being facilitated by Tom Richie, Vice President of Accounts and Education at Ample Organics, a release from the Medical Cannabis Authority- MCA- stated.

Those attending will also be exposed to a presentation on the procedures for establishing a bank account for licensed traditional cultivators and employees, and will receive certificates at the end of the workshop.

The training is intended to better prepare traditional cultivators to benefit from the legal cultivation of cannabis.

Ample Organics is a leading provider of cannabis solutions in Canada, including seed-to-sale software platform. The MCA has entered into a partnership with the company in respect of its own national cannabis tracking software.

Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar, and Chief Executive Officer of the MCA, Dr. Jerrol Thompson, are listed as speakers at the workshop. MCA staff members who have successfully completed the AmpleLearn Course will also receive their Teal certificates.