Toronto SVG Support Group Shows Support for ITDAT
Ricky Bowman of the Toronto SVG Support Group presenting the cheque to Michael Ollivierre of ITDAT while other members of ITDAT look on
Press Release
January 31, 2020

Toronto SVG Support Group Shows Support for ITDAT

The Toronto SVG Support Group (TSVGSG) on Monday presented a cheque for CDN$600 to Integrated Team Developing Athletic Talent (ITDAT) Academy to support its efforts in developing and guiding athletic talent in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).

“Since its inception, the ITDAT Academy has tirelessly and consistently provided young athletes with the tools necessary to realize not only their athletic aspirations, but also to build character and confidence, and encourage their academic pursuits. The TSVGSG appreciates these efforts and views this presentation as an important opportunity to assist ITDAT in furthering its developmental work with our youth,” a release from TSVGSG said.

The cheque was presented by Ricky Bowman on behalf of TSVGSG to Michael Ollivierre, founder of ITDAT.

The Toronto SVG Support Group was established in 2012 and has since supported numerous education, health, disaster relief and other causes impacting SVG, the Greater Toronto Area and other Caribbean regions. The Group’s objectives are to create a positive image of SVG and its nationals; engage in fundraising activities that are specifically targeted to the Caribbean and Canadian communities; promote and facilitate positive interaction among nationals of SVG throughout the diaspora; aid in the socio-economic development of young Vincentians at home and abroad; be non-political in the SVG, Caribbean and Canadian environment; and have a willingness to partner with or otherwise support any other Caribbean group or person(s) with similar objectives.

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