Activities kick off to mark the 200th anniversary of St George’s Cathedral
Press Release
January 17, 2020

Activities kick off to mark the 200th anniversary of St George’s Cathedral

The St George’s Cathedral will be 200 years old on September 6, and as a result, members of the Anglican ministry have planned nine months of activities.

The activities were launched last Tuesday at the Cathedral on Grenville Street and are being held under the theme, “St. George’s Cathedral 200 years (1820 to 2020): Affirming our heritage, forging new paths.”

Chair of the Anniversary Committee Oneka Morgan said during the media launch that quite a few activities are planned.

She said the celebrations are a time to reflect in what the 200th anniversary means, while Anglicans can take this opportunity to grow in faith while contributing to and participating in as many of the activities as possible.

The activities begin this Sunday, January 29, with “Did You Know?”, an initiative which will see the placement of facts about the church placed in bulletins and on social media every Sunday up until September.

February 13 is the start of the “200-Day Challenge”. Morgan said this challenge is where one makes a commitment to put aside one dollar every day for something you are thankful for. Persons taking part in the challenge are also expected to say a prayer for the church and its mission. The offering from this challenge will be presented in a walk-up collection on August 30. Morgan said the challenge is open to everyone. February 20 will see the installation of the Dean of St George’s Cathedral.

March 1 will see the launch of 200th anniversary memorabilia, while on April 18, there will be a gospel concert. April 26 will be the St. George’s Feast of Title Celebration. May 3 to 9 has been designated “Youth Week”, while on May 27, there will be a cocktail and recognition of the Deans of the Cathedral.

On June 1, Whit Monday, a fitness walk will be held, while on July 31, a back-in-time party will take place. August 30 marks the end of the 200-Day Challenge, while September 1 is the launch of the 200th anniversary magazine and September 6 is a thanksgiving service. From September to December, a lecture series will be held.

Morgan said that each month contains several activities and persons are encouraged to take part.

The church is also offering two five-year scholarships where $1,500 per year will be awarded to a primary school student who attends one of the schools managed by the Anglican church and who is accepted into the Bishop’s College Kingstown (BCK). The scholarships are based on need and academic performance and one is being funded by Steve Francis.

Morgan noted that the revenue collected from the activities will go towards the scholarship and renovation of the cathedral.

The anniversary committee is made up of Louis DeShong – Deputy (Chair), Joan Millington, Faylene King Angela Miller, Cheryl Adams, Marcella Friday and Jacqueline Glasgow-Browne. There is also a sub-committee.

On Tuesday, the designer of the 200th anniversary logo, Carenda Davis, was rewarded for her winning design. It was noted that the logo reflects the church’s rich heritage.