Press Release
December 20, 2019
Memorial Funeral Home, nurses stage health fair

The Memorial Funeral Home has shown St Vincent and the Grenadines the true meaning of business giving back to the community.

Last Friday, December 13, the funeral home partnered with nurses from Bequia and St Vincent to stage a large health fair under the almond tree in Port Elizabeth.

While in Bequia, Stephen DaSilva, CEO and Director of the company also honoured Calvin Lewis, who is also known as ‘Kampa Down’, with a plaque in the form of a ship. Lewis ws one of the first sea captains to traverse the route between Bequia and St Vincent.

But DaSilva did not stop there.

He supported the Streams of Power church at Sion Hill with their Christmas show; the New Life Ministries church at Buccament with their first Christmas carolling event. Memorial Funeral Home is also one of the main sponsors for XS Steel band which also celebrated its first anniversary recently. On December 8, the band played music for the residents of the Argyle and Peruvian Vale area while Memorial gave gifts and toys to the young and the old.

Communities on the Leeward side of St Vincent were also treated to a music and toy giveaways on Wednesday, December 18.

The Memorial Funeral Home is owned by Stephen DaSilva and Ashley Samuel, with directors Elizabeth Walker and Leopold Carr.