All Vincentian cast featured in full length film – ‘The Odds’ (+Video)
Press Release
October 1, 2019
All Vincentian cast featured in full length film – ‘The Odds’ (+Video)

The story of overcoming the odds has been a best-seller throughout entertainment history especially through movies. And now a local film company – Cariwood Productions is adding to the list.

The Odds – a film written, directed and produced by Emmanuel Okeniyi is a story of triumph over adversity in the context of a Vincentian setting. The cast and crew (all local) have been working since the start of the year and The Odds a full-length feature is set to debut nationwide October 2019.

Director Okeniyi says the objective of the film is to showcase strength in the face of adversities; highlighting how challenges can be a launch pad to greater successes in life. He further explained that the film is also an opportunity to showcase local talent to the world, while providing family friendly entertainment.

Making their film debut is lead actor Seth Greaves as Jerry, Cleopatra Lockhart as Becky, Petula Richards as Miriam and Paul Stephens as the antagonist Bob.

The Odds – hope and triumph in the face of adversity leaves no stone unturned and promises to pull at your emotions with a clear message that we can overcome THE ODDS.