Press Release
August 7, 2019
Medical Students report daylight robbery at Fountain

Police are investigating a report of an armed robbery and attempted robbery made by two medical students from the United States who reside at Arnos Vale.

According to a release from the police, one student alleges that an unknown person, armed with a gun robbed him of items valued at US$1,325 and cash of EC$120. Among the items reported stolen are one black back-pack (valued US$50) containing an Asus laptop (valued US$450), one Samsung Galaxy Note A cellular phone (valued US$800), one brown wallet (valued US$25).

The release said the items were the property of the student and during the robbery, the student was put in fear and subjected to force as a gun was pointed at him at Fountain at 8:10  am on Tuesday, August 6.

The police are also investigating a report of attempted robbery made by another medical student who also resides at Arnos Vale. This student, who is from Florida reported that an unknown person, with intent to commit the offence of robbery did an act which is more than merely preparatory to the commission of the offence, by pointing a gun at her at Fountain at 8:10 am on Tuesday, August 6.

The police are soliciting the assistance of the members of the public with vital information about these cases that will aid with the investigation and the prosecution of the offender(s) or any other reports to divulge same to the Assistant Commissioner in charge Crimes at 1784-456-1339 or the Officer in charge South Central Division at 1784-458-4200.  All information received would be treated confidentially.