Press Release
March 8, 2017
Message for IWD from the National Women Discipleship Ministry

Message on International Women’s Day

by the National Women Discipleship Ministry of the New Testament Church

of God St. Vincent/ St. Lucia/ Dominica District

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. On this day, the Women Department of the New Testament Church of God SVG/STL/Dom remember and show our appreciation and love for all our sisters, the wonderful women in our lives, church and community.

Woman is indeed a wonderful creation of God! The very word ‘woman’ conjures up the images of selfless love, care and affection; whilst it ignites the spirit of power and hope. This creation makes our life a wonderful experience all together. She rocks the cradle with one hand the earth with the other hand. The fact that all the great people of the world are born from the womb of a woman and it is a woman from whom those great people have taken their initial teachings gives reason for the giving of due respect to women.

In Scripture, we can see some exceptional women down history who have been a great source of inspiration. The most powerful woman and our role model is the Virgin Mary. In Esther 5, Queen Esther defies the laws of the kingdom and enters the king’s hall to stop the genocide of the Jewish people. Deborah was a judge and prophetess, who (because of this role), is called “a mother in Israel” (Judges 5:7b). Furthermore, Mary Magdalene portrayed as a woman of great faithfulness- she was the first to see the risen Christ and spread the good news in John 20.

I make mention here of our very own, Gladys (Mother) Priam, the pioneer of Pentecostalism in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. She was wonderful role model who has left us a rich legacy.

Other remarkable women made their mark through struggles: These included:

• Sarah who struggled as she watched Hagar give birth to Ishmael.

• Rachel watched as Leah gave birth to her husband’s children, while Rachel went, year after year, without birthing her own children.

• Tamar, daughter in law of Judah, watched as her husband died, wondering if she would find the man who would get her pregnant.

• Naomi lost both of her sons.

• Hannah dealt with Peninnah, her husband’s other wife, as she teased Hannah relentlessly for being childless.

• Michal never bore the children of David.

• And the rape and rejection of Tamar.

• Hagar, pregnant, abused, hungry, thirsty, homeless, and hopeless

These women are witnesses of real life sufferings that we as women continue to experience today. Some of us may have not experienced the blessing of motherhood. Some have not found the right spouse or partner with whom to raise a child, (and single parenting is not an option). Some may be divorced or undergoing divorce procedure along with the accompanying issues of isolation, humiliation, depression and hopelessness. Others suffer from medical conditions –some even being terminal. Many women in our midst have recently experienced a miscarriage, have given birth to a still-born baby, experienced an unsuccessful adoption attempt, given up a child for adoption or have lost a child because of death. Some may be raped, violated, abused and the list goes on.

However, despite their circumstances, we see the presence of God with each of these women of the bible as they went through their crises and from which many valuable life lessons can be learnt. Firstly, we learn that despite their situations God’s presence is available with each of these women. We also see just how strong and resilient they are. They can get back up every single time they are knocked down. Sure, it might take them a while after the most brutal of attacks, but by the grace of God, they can get back up and try again, again, again and again. A very most important lesson that we learn is that we (as they) can choose to live in the goodness and the greatness of the Lord Jesus Christ. He never fails. He is faithful and true. He is good, always and in all ways, no matter what. He loves His own with an everlasting love. He’s the perfect Husband, the mightiest and gentlest Father. We can run to Him; cling to Him; obey Him and serve Him. He’s so very worthy. Even in our pain, He is worthy. He loves and cares for us.

Our church and society are filled with strong, nurturing and encouraging women, whether they are mothers, teachers, daughters, sisters, pastors, neighbors, leaders or any other woman. Their beauty consists of their true inner self, the ageless beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of the greatest value in God’s sight.”

The NTCOG church salutes all the wonderful women in our churches and around the globe on this special day and honors them for their spirit, strength, love, affection and endurance.

May God continue to bless all women everywhere!