March 1, 2013
A happy, healthy dog

Review your pet’s behaviour against this health checklist once a month to help you detect potential health problems early, before they become serious or cause unnecessary pain or expense.

If any of the following statements is not true for your pet, seek advice from your veterinarian.{{more}}

My pet…

Is acting normally and is in good spirits.
Doesn’t tire easily after moderate exercise.
Doesn’t suffer seizures or fainting episodes.
Has a normal appetite and hasn’t lost or gained much weight recently.
Doesn’t vomit her food shortly after eating.

Produces what appears to be normal stools and urine.

Doesn’t drag her bottom or chew under her tail excessively.
Has a full coat with no missing hair, mats, or excess shedding.
Doesn’t scratch, lick, or chew herself excessively.
Has healthy skin with no dry flakes, greasy feel, or bad odour.

Doesn’t have fleas, ticks, or mites.

Doesn’t have any lumps or bumps on her body.
Has clean ears with no debris or odour, and doesn’t shake her head or dig at her ears excessively.
Has bright, clear eyes that are free of matter.
Has normal hearing and reacts as usual to her environment.

Moves and walks easily without stiffness or pain.

Has healthy feet and short nails.
Breathes normally without straining or coughing.
Has normal thirst and drinks as often and the same amount as usual.
Urinates as often and the same amount as usual.
Has a moist noise that’s free of discharge.
Has clean white teeth that are free of plaque and tartar.
Has pink gums with no redness or offensive breath odour.

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