December 18, 2009

Some questions and answers about your Budgie / Parakeet

1. Should Budgies get people food?

Small amounts of cooked chicken, egg, apple, pear, cantaloupe, leafy greens, whole wheat bread, and corn bread are very good for Budgies. Really, anything that you eat yourself, with the exceptions of chocolate and avocado, can be offered to Budgies. A different fresh food could be fed every day.{{more}}

2. What does grit do?

Grit provides calcium, salt, iodine, trace minerals and in the bird’s crop, grinds the seed to ensure proper digestion.

3. What is cuttlebone?

My bird just shreds the cuttlebone. Is there anything else that I can use?

A cuttlebone should be placed in every cage. Cuttlebone is the internal skeletal structure of the cuttlefish, a relative of the squid. If the birds just waste the cuttlebone, use one of the harder mineral blocks instead.

4. Do Budgies need special water?

Change the water every day. Whatever water you drink will be fine for a Budgie. Vitamins can be placed in the water. Follow the printed directions. All dishes should be washed as often as necessary.

5. What kind of cage is required?

If you getting one or two birds as pets, almost any cage that you like will be OK. A minimum is 12” by 10” by 10” for one or two Budgies. The bigger the cage, the happier your birds will be and the more fun that you will have watching them play. DO NOT get a wicker or bamboo cage. The Budgies will quickly chew their way out.

6. Should I let the bird out of the cage for exercise?

The cage is your bird’s home. Unless the Budgie is tame, don’t let it out of its cage. Mirrors, windows, fans, open flames, cats, dogs, and open doors are all death traps to a free flying Budgie.

7. What sort of cage is used to breed Budgies? What is a nest box?

If you wish to breed Budgies, get a special breeding cage and nest box. The breeding cage has a little trap door so that the nest box can be attached to the cage. In the wild, Budgies nest in holes in trees. In captivity, these birds use nest boxes, generally constructed of wood. You can also buy a nest box from your pet shop. Budgies don’t build a nest like Canaries, Finches or Pigeons.

8. How do I tell the difference between male and female Budgies?

With Budgerigars, the males are playful, foolish and care-free, while the hens tend to be serious, grumpy and moody – just like in people! You can distinguish the males, for the cere, that fleshy area over the beak, around the nostrils, is bright blue in the boys. If it’s any other colour, the bird is a hen. In the light colored Budgies, particularly Albinos and Lutinos, the ceres in both cocks and hens are pink. When you have a breeding pair, you may never witness any interaction between the two birds. The male will do acrobatics about the cage. The hen will sit in one spot and grumble and nag to herself. This is normal for Ma and Pa Budgies.

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