Why are relationships crumbling?
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June 11, 2024

Why are relationships crumbling?

EDITOR: Everybody deserve to be loved and appreciated. At some point in our life, we start dating, with the intention of getting married and starting a family with our significant other. However, while dating, you must have the eyes of an eagle because some men and women are “wolves in sheep clothing”.

A relationship is hard work and both individuals must put in the hard work for a longevity relationship because one hand can’t clap. One of the biggest mistakes that is made during the dating stage is people tend to gravitate towards beauty and not “personality”. Pretty face and bad character would not bring you happiness, instead it would bring torment in your life.

Personality should be priority when choosing your spouse. Trust is imperative in a relationship, if you cannot trust your spouse, you are wasting your time in that relationship. For example, if your spouse is liming with some friends, you should not be worried after they are finished liming he or she would pass in somewhere to cheat. Trust takes time to develop with your spouse. Before getting into a relationship, ensure that you get back ground information on the person you are interested in because you never know if that person might be a prostitute, rapist, abuser, drug addict, or a criminal.

Communication is a necessity in relationships, lack of communication can lead to misunderstanding which can further lead to arguments. Sometimes put down the cellphones and tablets and have a healthy discussion. The love of money is the root of all evil and sometimes we have good people in our life, but because of greed, we cheat on our spouse. Assist each other to build on their career, this would generate more income in the relationship. Don’t choose a spouse because they are rich, choose a spouse because they have a good personality and is kind hearted.

It is better to choose an ambitious person and both of you work from the bottom to the top.

On special occasions such as birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentines, make your spouse feel loved and appreciated. Buy a gift and go for lunch or dinner. In some relationships, we tend to get lazy and leave all the chores on one person. Chores around the house should be “all hands on deck”. Leaving all the chores on one person can cause frustration and argument. The payment of bills, both individuals must contribute towards bills. It is unfair to have one person paying all the bills in the house while you are saving all your money. A mistake a lot of us make is after marriage, we stop doing all the fun activities we were doing before marriage. This can end your marriage fast. Continue doing all the fun activities you were doing before marriage and even more, to spice up your marriage. A healthy relationship brings happiness and it makes you glow which makes you function properly in every aspect of life. Toxic relationships bring depression, arguments, and it could cause nervous breakdown. Choose your spouse wisely.

Kimani Wiseman