Water woes in the Grenadines
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May 17, 2024

Water woes in the Grenadines

Water is essential for life. It is very unfortunate that there is no reliable public water supply in the Grenadines. In its absence perhaps there should be a policy of making available “no interest” loans to allow residents to harvest and store rainwater or to obtain water from wells.

Traditionally, in Union Island, ponds were an important source of water for both humans and animals. However, since the removal of Lloyd Browne as resident Agricultural Officer, with no replacement, the watershed was not maintained causing a lowering of the water table. Many of the ponds have dried up adding to the water woes. Additionally ground run off used to lead to the ponds, but modern road constructions conducted the run off towards the sea instead of to the ponds.

Animals on the loose destroying the vegetation have compounded the problem, leaving the soil bare and unprotected, further allowing the moisture in the soil to escape and lowering the water table. If nothing is done, the Grenadines will soon exhibit desert-like climatic conditions.

The many water storage tanks, drums and containers may provide ample breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and unless the Public Health department is vigilant, mosquito-borne diseases will increase. Technical assistance to the residents may contribute to safe storage.

The time is long past when the people of the Grenadines should have access to a public water supply. Funding agencies should be willing to be associated with such a worthy project and we look forward to some action in this regard.

Anthony G. Stewart, PhD