Let’s work on building strong families again
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April 12, 2024

Let’s work on building strong families again

EDITOR: The family is the most vital institution there is. It is the backbone of society, churches and the nation.

Strong families are an asset and aid in reducing crimes of various nature and on the other hand, a weak family can result in failures of any community, churches and nation as a whole. There are far too many single parent families. So many of our boys grow up without a father figure in the home and this in many cases contributes to some crimes.

With a strong family we would see a reduction in crimes. A strong family is where there is an active presence of both mother and father. Here both parents are instrumental in influencing their children and to train the children in the right way. Of course we know that not every family has both parents present.

There is definitely a breakdown in the home in terms of values. We seldom see children and even adults say hello to those they meet. We no longer show that respect and appreciation as we used to. The love we use to have for each other seems to be gone out the windows. No wonder there are some brutal murders occurring.

We need to re- establish a strong family, where the relationship between both parents is strong. The choice of a partner is not based on material things, but rather genuine love. For when it is based on genuine love, it is reflected in the home and the children grow up knowing and experiencing love, which would result in a reduction in crime. For when there is love in the home it helps to stabilize the home. In many homes where there is love lacking, many children grow up searching and so get involved in gangs and other illegal activities where there seem to be an acceptance.

When there is love, there would be forgiveness. If in the homes disputes are handled in a peaceful way,then it would rub off on the members of the family. If on the other hand there is abuse in the homes, this too will rub off as the way to deal with issues. So the communication in the home is another element of a strong family.

How we communicate is important. Today in many homes, the communication is lacking, far too often it is the social media, the tablet, the television etc. are the communicators, rather than the parents and children in a real down to earth way. This break down has caused many persons to be wrongly influenced as to the way of life and how to deal with issues.

While, there are many more pointers that we can make, for the sake of time and space I would not.

However, suffice it to say that a strong family will recognize the value of Christ in the home. Prayer and the bible would be important tools. Discipline is an important element in a strong family. Today, there is not much discipline, so children grow up doing what they want to do and this spills over into the society where you cannot correct children, as we were accustomed to.

No longer in many homes children are disciplined. So when there is a lack of discipline, what do you expect?

So while many may blame the church and politicians for the crimes and ill discipline, the real problem comes from the homes. For if we truly have strong homes, where there is discipline, guidance, role models, love and most importantly, an appreciation for Christ and where Christ becomes part of the home,then we would see a drastic reduction in crimes. Let us begin today to restore the family, by firstly, putting Christ in the homes. Let us pray and honour God. By doing so,the other elements will fall in place.

Kennard King