Recent GHS Sports, other  activities highly commendable
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March 15, 2024
Recent GHS Sports, other activities highly commendable

EDITOR: It was a delight to be greeted with such an outpouring of loyalty and school spirit recently demonstrated by the members of my Alma Mater the Girls’ High School (GHS) on Sports Day and during the activities leading up to it.

The bantering that took place between Grimble, Headmistress, Staff and Moffett resonated so well with so many and especially the Alumnae in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and in the Diaspora. Let me take the opportunity to highly commend everyone associated with the success of this endeavour for their efforts. To all of the athletes I say well done. Special congratulations to Headmistress – the Champion House. It was fun. The dedication, loyalty and school spirit are highly commendable.

The joint GHS and SVG Boys’ Grammar School Sports Day reinforced the bond between the two schools.

Hope that all of the Women had a wonderful International Women’s Day and thanks to Shafia London-Williams of Headmistress House for an enlightening Lecture on Inclusion sponsored by ACWA/ St. George’s Cathedral on Thursday, March 8, 2024. It was well received.

I would like to wish everyone a National Heroes Day filled with the inspiration of National Hero Joseph Chatoyer !!!!

Cheryl Phills King