Addressing the thistles to reap the harvest
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February 23, 2024
Addressing the thistles to reap the harvest

EDITOR: Notwithstanding the declaration of our constitution that we are a democratic state founded on the belief in the supremacy of Jehovah God the Creator, and the freedom and dignity of man, some prevailing circumstances prompt the inquiry; are leaders of the church congregations exhibiting the sincere desire to effect the spreading of the Gospel in St. Vincent and the Grenadines?

Mindful of the fact that an unhealthy environment can seriously negatively impact our citizens, especially the younger ones. How do members of the sincere congregation endeavour to effect the addressing of these debilitating circumstances which are so persistently treated with little concern by our administrators?

Does the seeming indifference to the negative elements humanly generated which are blatantly impacting the well-being of the society not stifle the church’s capacity to positively impact our society’s spiritual growth?

St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been an agriculture-based society for centuries and it is nakedly obvious today that our administrators who had presented themselves over the last several decades as faithful soldiers who were committed to the defense of the people’s interests have turned out to be traitors to the society development cause what we thought they were bringing in their hands were seeds of “sweet corn” have turned to be actually the seeds of “thistles and thorn apple” cleverly disguised. So, we now are experiencing the crippling of our agriculture and the impoverishment of our communities.

The churches should not be indifferent to the plight of the farmers who are now faced with the added burden of removing the thorns and thistles from the soil so that they can plant their corn, cassava and carrots which are healthier than those we have been for the last several years importing from outside of our region. The farmers also need the spiritual support to effect the removal of the cloud of blight generated by the untrustworthiness of those who had seemingly been so sincere when they made great promises for the strong supported advancement of the society several decades ago.

If the farmers are sincerely supported by the churches so that they are able to get to their farms as comfortably as they did forty years ago, the churches will overflow with the rich harvest by 2025.

LeRoy Providence