An unwarranted attack on the Warden of the Kingstown Board
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February 16, 2024
An unwarranted attack on the Warden of the Kingstown Board

EDITOR: I listened recently to an incompetent radio disc jockey who frequently makes hollow and foolish comments on matters about which he has little or no knowledge.

I am persuaded that the best and easiest way to get the facts about anything is to ask for it.

I was, however, very disappointed when the Honourable Prime Minister used public radio recently to state that “shoulder can’t go above head.”

I have followed the Warden’s career before his active participation in politics and I would put my head on the block that that thought was the furthest thing on his mind.

My investigation concerning the memorandum sent by the Warden to a small minority of persons was unrelated to the issue of debt relief dating several years back and up to the end of December 2023. The memorandum, I was advised, was sent to some specific persons who, from the beginning of January, 2024, voiced their refusal to pay the current daily and weekly fees.

The memorandum was sent to shop owners at Little Tokyo, Chinatown, the Bay Fore shore, as well as the broad range of vendors, to advise them of the need to settle their outstanding balances. It was sent ONLY to a very small number of vendors with stalls and vendors operating in Middle Street.

I would, therefore, wish to state that since my investigation has brought clarity about the memorandum in question, a telephone call by others would have revealed the facts.

There are times when we speak negatively of others without first arming ourselves with the facts. We, therefore, need not launch an attack about every matter which is reported to us before ascertaining the facts.

We are always too quick to condemn and very slow to offer praise. The current Warden of the Kingstown Board has done what many others could not do in the ongoing attempt to ‘clean up’ Kingstown. Did I hear any public statement of praise apart from a brief statement by his Parliamentary representative in his Budget presentation?

I know the Warden very well and I am aware that he never worries about anything, especially when he knows he is on the right track. I, therefore, say to you, my dear friend and former representative, that you should do whatever you have to do, especially since you are operating within the confines of the Law and the polices and regulations that have been outlined to you for the performance of your duties.

On three occasions you swore to carry out your duties without fear or favour, so please continue that trend. I know you will be tested by some people who always want to do whatever they wish, but I urge you to stand firm in your decisions.

Be fair to everyone who is doing business with the Kingstown Board and do not deviate. You have done great work in Kingstown and the majority of Vincentians at home and abroad commend you. You did what you had to do without fanfare and with profound humility.

Victor Findlay