The failings of Flow
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February 9, 2024
The failings of Flow

EDITOR: Flow provides me with internet, landline, and a set number of TV channels, for which l pay them on a regular monthly basis. For some time now, at least 4 weeks (if not more) l have been unable to view the total number of channels that l pay for.

This has been happening on an almost daily basis, the picture distorts/mutilates, the sound goes and then the channel goes off the air completely. This is not confined to one particular channel. When this happens a number of channels all cease transmission. ln some extreme case ALL channels are not viewable. ln order to clarify/solve this problem l telephoned FLOW three times to try and discuss this matter with a Customer Service Representative. This proved to be impossible, as it seems that their automated switchboard has been programmed in such a way as to make it impossible to speak to a real person. l therefore sent them an email, giving them in detail the problem and making the point that as l was not receiving all the channels l was paying for l expected a deduction or discount against my next Feb. payment. After a day or so l received from FLOW a one line email asking for my name and account number, this l passed on to them although l was somewhat surprised to receive their reply, as l had signed my email and expected them to be able to find this information within their accounts system without reference to me. l heard nothing more from FLOW and for the next week or so the situation remained the same. Some 7 days later l emailed FLOW again repeating my problem and again saying that l expected a reduction to my monthly account to compensate me for this situation. At least another 7 days have expired since the sending of this second email and, as yet, no reply whatsoever has been forthcoming from FLOW. From this l can only assume that they intend to ignore my requests and expect me to make remittance for certain services that they are not providing.

l do not know or care what the acronym FLOW stands for, but whatever it is it should be changed to: Fraudulent Larcenous Outstanding Wastrels.

A very unsatisfied customer (one of many l assume)