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February 2, 2024
Cricket, lovely cricket

EDITOR: Cricket lovely cricket. Prior to the last test match where West Indies won Australia in Australia, many persons had lost interest in West Indies when it came to Test Cricket. However, the performance by this young, inexperienced team and one that many persons had written off brought back interest in West Indies cricket and test cricket.

The performance by the team in the last test left many in tears and also brought joy and excitement to many. Although we did not win the series, we did not lose it either, for it ended 1- 1 as a drawn series.

Praises must be given to the selection panel for selecting a very good team. When the team was selected many persons did not give the team any chance of competing, much more winning a test. Dr. Des Haynes and his team came in for plenty licks and of course, many negative comments were made, with some persons calling for the sacking of him. I am certain he feels justified of the selection.

However, we must not take for granted that the team has arrived, but let us hope that they would continue to improve and become a force to reckon with. Let us also hope that the white ball teams will make us proud by winning the series. We know that Australia is a very hard team to beat, but it is possible as this test team showed.

Praises must be given also to the coaching staff and management along with the skipper and whole team who played together as a team. It is encouraging to see the energy, commitment and determination showed by this team. The fielding was good.

I would encourage the West Indies cricket board to have more test matches so that these players can improve. Let us not forget the effort and commitment by our own Dr, Denis Byam in ensuring that Shamar Joseph was fit enough to play and we all know what he did. Let us hope that IPL would not spoil his career.

This team should be given the opportunities to keep on playing. Of course there should be few changes especially in the batting. Young Chanderpaul place is not permanent and if he continues to under perform he should be replaced by a young player. Of course there were others who went on the tour but never made it to the final eleven, so there is no shortage.

Those who refuse to play when given the opportunity should be made to wait. This group of players must form the main body of the team. Indeed these set of players have the potential and hunger for success, coupled with commitment. These are indeed very important if we ought to continue to rise.

Congrats guys and all the best for the future and let us continue to rally around the West Indies.

Kennard King