Our Readers' Opinions
January 16, 2024
Bring the organised goat thieves to justice

According to Google, Organized crime is a continuing criminal enterprise that rationally works to profit from illicit activities that are often in great public demand. Its continuing existence is maintained through corruption of public officials and the use of intimidation, threats, or force to protect its operations. The characteristics of organized crime are: self-perpetuation and continuing conspiracy, the goals of profit and power, the use of fear and corruption, and virtual immunity from the law.

Primary and secondary school children, young men, retired policemen, past students, steal the goats. They sell them live or butcher them and provide the meat to the buyers who contracted them. The buyers include restaurants, caterers, barbecue organizers, and private homes. The buyers gain by paying much less than the market price for the meat. The sellers gain by selling the stolen meat at a price below market value. They incurred no expense in raising the animals for the two or more years that it took them to reach that stage of maturity and readily accept what they are paid without murmur.

All the perpetrators should be brought to justice. Restitution must be made to the goat owners. In a small Union Island society where everybody is known, the information is available. Permanent police presence will solve and deter and break up the goat crime families.


Anthony G. Stewart, PhD