Some workers’ benefits needs to be revised
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January 9, 2024
Some workers’ benefits needs to be revised

Editor: We are now in 2024. I take this opportunity to wish each and everyone a prosperous and productive new year.

It is customary for persons to make new year’s resolutions although we fail to keep them as time goes by.

As we look ahead there are few things I would like to see happen this year both as a nation collectively and as individuals.

I would like to see a savings economically, by revising some of the benefits to workers in the higher scale.

For example, far too many public servants in the higher bracket are getting travelling allowances, yet they are using government vehicles to do government work. Some are getting telephone allowances and are only making calls when they are at work, using the phones of the ministry or corporation. And there are other allowances that need to be revised. We know that millions of dollars can be saved yearly from some of these allowances. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that there should not be allowances, including for travelling etc., but in many cases it is just a waste of much needed funds, since some persons who receive travelling allowances don’t use their personal vehicles to do government work. There are also some who seldom leave their offices to go out in the field but would rather send someone else, yet they are getting allowances for going nowhere.

The system must be revised whereby if you don’t use your personal vehicle then you get no travelling allowance.

The same should be done for the telephone allowances. I realize it is hard to monitor, but a system must be put to prevent this wastage, so more cash could [be]available to do other things.

I would also like to see this year, an improvement in customer service both at the government and private company levels.

While on this subject, let me say thanks to the staff at Modern Medical and Diagnostic Centre in Georgetown for giving very good customer service over the years. I wish all the medical institutions in this country would take an example from them.

Importantly, I wish, above all, that as a nation we would love each other, turn to Christ and live godly. Let us put Christ back into our homes and lives. When we do so we would see a drastic reduction in crimes, especially murder. Let us pray that we would see a greater respect for human life and a willingness to forgive each other. It is my prayer that this year, there would be lesser crime and a greater appreciation for God.

May God bless this nation and us individually.

Kennard King