Unscrupulous behaviour threatens fabric of society
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January 5, 2024
Unscrupulous behaviour threatens fabric of society

Editor: All modern economies seem to run very well on trust and goodwill. However, many are breaking that trust seeming to think that they are outsmarting the rest of us and getting away with it. This seems to be the foundation of the problems we face today in our country. The high murder rate, increasing numbers on public assistance, proliferation of free finances, poor performance of pupils, high unemployment, infidelity, dishonesty, and more. In so many ways we have broken the trust placed in us and have squandered the goodwill.

Some seem to suggest that the high murder rate is attributed to traders in the “pharmaceutical” industry. The vendors take the goods and fail to pay the agreed price. So, the suppliers, knowing that they are not part of the official medicinal operations, and that they cannot report to the police, take deadly weapons into their own hands to settle the accounts.

Every community knows those who should be on public assistance, yet periodically, they see strong able-bodied people in line to receive help. Some say that it is a transactional arrangement in exchange for political support and that is why it is apparently managed directly by the politicians rather than the social workers. Other claims suggest that no senior citizen should be on the list because they worked with various employers during their lifetime who should have paid into their social security to enable their eligibility to receive their own funds. The compliance department needs to investigate these claims and collect the contributions. Many feel that the National Insurance Services is not a charitable organization and using its funds for such purposes is partly responsible for the depletion of its funds and its capacity to serve its purpose.

Free money, goods and services seem to be a dead weight on our economy. Many who receive such assistance look out for more and more and are never satisfied. Whether it is housing, small business grant funds, health care, scholarships or handouts, the effect may be the same.

A house built in a community, using the local contractors, and workers adds value and life to that community. When the owner pays back the no interest or low interest loan, another house can be built. The small business set up with no interest or low interest loan becomes a grant to a village when the responsible borrower repays to enable another business to start up. Comprehensive national insurance will provide funds for health care providers so that they can ensure our health. Even senior citizens will have access to home attendants. Instead of scholarships to high flyers only, no interest loan funding available to all will boost our intellectual capital and enable all our students to be what they want to be, all they can be. Our solar power systems will work, our medical equipment will be kept in good repair, tractors will be available to modern farmers, and the shipyard will operate again.

The new development program should focus on helping people to be self-sufficient. The available resources should be allowed to become our common currency constantly circulating for the benefit of our people. Giving it away leads to stagnation, bankruptcy and debt.

Anthony G. Stewart, PhD