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December 22, 2023
Am I a thief?

by Anthony G. Stewart, PhD

Am I a thief if …

I live in a dwelling place and my spouse and children are homeless,
I eat well but my family is hungry,
I do not take the available jobs to provide for my family,
I can work but accept public assistance,
Choose not to pay my debts of rent, mortgage, light, phone, garbage, water, shop, susu hand, loans from others, college fund, child support, spouse support,
I refuse to plant a garden to feed my family,
For work I arrive late and leave early,
Idle on the job, or do not plan adequately for the work,
Pollute my neighborhood by burning garbage and littering,
Vote in a constituency where I do not live,
Speak ill of others undeservedly,
Tell lies about other people,
Make promises that I cannot keep,
Let my animals eat the cultivation of others,
Accept a position and refuse to qualify myself to hold that post,
Accept a grant and do not use it productively,
Do not set the right example,
I bring no benefit to those with whom I associate,
Refuse to pay taxes, workers’ wages and social security contributions on time,
I die without making adequate provision for the caregivers and family I leave behind,
Refuse to read the local newspapers and to keep abreast of the local needs of my community and lend a helping hand?