Ministry of Empowerment
Our Readers' Opinions
November 24, 2023
Ministry of Empowerment

EDITOR: The Ministry of Empowerment concerns itself with self-development, self-help, and volunteerism. It is a self-sufficient ministry that concerns itself with accessing resources from funding agencies channelling them through community organizations. All individuals and groups with skills in project proposal writing, and those with the ability to draw down those funds in a timely manner are the ones to constitute this ministry.

Community groups are encouraged and given the applicable training so that they can raise the funds and find the resources they need to do the projects that they are interested in.

This ministry will provide advice to individuals who want to improve their present conditions by pointing them to the available resources. Many are unaware that the solution they seek is well within their reach and once they are willing to try, they can achieve their goals. Their potential to achieve will be unleashed once they gain the vision and see their future ahead of them.

Membership in volunteer groups should provide people with valuable experience that should be recognized in job applications, college entrance, scholarship, and any other appropriate publicly available opportunity.

Whatever the prevailing economic conditions, a Ministry of Empowerment would add value to any community and allow people to independently improve their own circumstances and people.

Anthony G. Stewart, PhD