Carolin de Freitas-Sawh – An exemplar Unsung Hero
Carolin de Freitas-Sawh
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November 3, 2023

Carolin de Freitas-Sawh – An exemplar Unsung Hero

EDITOR: On our nation’s 44th Anniversary of Independence, please permit me to recognise the service of Ms Carolin de Freitas-Sawh, who has given 25 years of distinguished service at the High Commission for St Vincent and the Grenadines in London.

As Counsellor overseeing consular matters, protocol, the diaspora, accounts and general information, her wide-ranging duties do not fully capture her impact on the Vincentian community living in the United Kingdom and the breadth of her contribution over the years.

Having known Ms de Freitas-Sawh for a few years, I can attest that she goes above and beyond the call of duty. She is well-known for her professionalism and caring personality, with a spirited interest in promoting the contribution of the Vincentian diaspora to the socio- economic development of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Mr Kenneth Cupid, Vice Chairman of the National Council of SVG UK, stated, “She has been an excellent ambassador for the government and its people both in SVG and the United Kingdom.”

Ms de Freitas-Sawh assists nationals in times of need, celebrates their achievements, and withstands adverse behaviours by some of our own with grace – all while remaining devoted to her demanding public-facing role.

On our Independence Day, when we praise unsung heroes who serve passionately, Ms deFreitas-Sawh stands as an exemplar. Her decades of tireless work at the High Commission embody the loyal and devoted spirit of our national pledge.

As we embark on year 45, I am inspired by Ms de Freitas-Sawh’s distinguished service. She highlights the often-overlooked work of civil servants who strengthen the diaspora worldwide. I hope her extraordinary commitment motivates other citizens to give back unselfishly to our nation, particularly the next generation.

When we act with the wholehearted devotion modelled by Ms de Freitas-Sawh over so many years, we can accomplish great things for St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Adaiah Providence-Culzac